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Let’s Complete the Athens Display of King Midgets!

If you go to this website’s list of King Midget Vehicles, you’ll see one called the “Commuter,” also known as the Model 4.

If you go to the Mall on State in Athens, you’ll see a display of all King Midget vehicles—except one—the Commuter. It is the rarest of all King Midgets.

Now we have an opportunity to buy a Commuter—an original, factory complete example that’s been stored for all these years since new in the collection of John Weitlauf. He and wife Sally have offered to sell it to the Club for display in Athens for $5,000, a fourth it’s appraised value.

Should we do it? Well, not from the Club’s Treasury. That’s to fund Club operations. We asked the membership in a recent survey and there was strong support for the purchase, including a majority of the respondents indicating willingness to make a contribution.

If we can raise $2,500 by year-end 2014, David Funk, Grandson of Dale Orcutt, has offered to match those contributions, the Commuter will be ours and the Athens display will be enlarged to contain a good example of every King Midget.

Will you help? Send a tax deductible contribution to our Treasurer, Rene Briere (her address is in your membership list and on page four of King Midget News).

Let’s Not Let this Opportunity Slip Away!


 King Midget Barn Find prints


   We have an artist in our membership. His name is Vern Mauk, and he is a retired art instructor for High School and College courses. He Graduated from Indiana State University of PA and Penn State. He is an illustrator, author, and has wrote various articles for several magazines. And he owns a King Midget.

  His favorite medium is water color, and he has painted 2 barn find depictions of a King Midget. Both are offered matted 14x16 and ready for framing  shipping is included. The price per each is $35.00 Either or both of these prints would be a nice addition to anyone's King Midget collection.


  To order send check or money order to

  Mauk Productions

  9 Old Farm Circle

  Massena NY 13662


 Vern Mauk  H. phone # 315-769-8691 C phone # 719-351-4266


SHOP NOTES King Midget Maintenance and Restoration

is Ready to Ship!

Some 200 King Midget tech articles from many years have been gathered, reformatted and published loose-leaf and three-hole punched for you to insert in a binder of your choice. There are 14 sections organized by topic, 375 pages, with some notes added for updates and clarification, plus a reasonable amount of cross indexing.

More than two decades of King Midget lore has been distilled for your convenience. It’s all there as written, with a few updates and explanatory notes. All reformatted with larger type and illustrations, organized to allow for future additions. As new articles are written, they’ll be available as free downloads from www.kingmidgetswest.com  You can print copies of future articles, punch and add them to the appropriate section, and your manual will always be up to date.

The price is $35 plus $7 shipping. You can send a check payable to King Midgets West or use PayPal at www.kingmidgetswest.com  and if you order other books or material, one shipping charge covers all. Profits will go to heritage projects of the King Midget Club.


Note: KING MIDGET The Lost Archives is sold out! KING MIDGET A Historical Scrapbook's signed copiesare sold out and we still have a few unsigned copies of that book for available. We’re not planning to reprint these two books.

Now you can buy using Pay Pal or a credit card. Click on this link; www.kingmidgetswest.com


You mail email bob at kingmidgetswest@gmail.com

King Midget Parts and Repair Manual

New (old stock) King Midget Parts and
Repair Manual, number 8-68.
Cost is $25 which includes shipping to the continental US.

Send check or money order to:

Jim Craven
740 Pasadena Ave
Milford, OH 45150

I have 50 copies to sell. Please contact me
regarding availability.




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