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As a service to our members and friends, The International King Midget Car Club, Inc. presents the following classified ads.

To place a "for sale" ad, you must be a current member of the club. Membership is not required for ads "wanting to purchase" a King Midget. Each ad will run for 2 months or until we are notified that the item has been sold. Use the link below to remove your ad when part or item is sold or when vehicle purchased. Removal notification must be from the same email address as when the ad was placed. If you would like the ad to run longer, you must resubmit it after 2 months. 




The International King Midget Car Club, Inc. is not responsible for the accuracy or content of the below listed classifieds. We will not call or verify that an article listed is for sale and is at the correct telephone number. We are not responsible for the item's condition or availability if other than listed. Ads will run for 60 days or until we are notified to remove it. Do note though that the ads below "For Sale" are only from the IKMCC members.

BEWARE OF SCAMS! There is a scam circulating about someone who wishes to purchase a vehicle that is owed money from a client here in the States. They offer a certified check (which will turn out to be phony but will initially pass bank's scrutiny). You will send balance of funds from check to them. If they pick up vehicle, you will be out funds you sent and your car! A second scam has surfaced. The buyer negotiates a price after seeing photos and description but does not give his phone number or location. He agrees to send a check that covers the price agreed upon plus a substantial fee that his "transporter" will need up front when he picks up the car. If an offer sounds fishy, contact officers of the Club before proceeding! Another scam surfaced (2/17): The person running the scam goes by the name of His real name appears to be Thomas Koja From Houston, Texas. The phone number he gives is from the state of Georgia.  He's pretending to have a King Midget 1 for sale asking price $1,000. Here is the photo he is using:

As a general note, request a custom photo. Ask for a current newspaper to be laying on hood or seat. Ask for a few different photos of the car. They usually get an image from the web and will be unable to produce a custom images you request!


1958 King Midget Model III. In June of 2016 my Dad passed away unexpectedly with this car unfinished. I have a clear California title and current registration. The car has an all new body, dash, seats and a 16 HP Vanguard V-twin with Comet 44. The reverse transmission shifts properly and has been resealed but drips a little oil. The front shocks have been replaced with hydraulic shocks mounted inside the original spring tubes. Rack and pinion steering and rear coil over shocks. I tried to do a good job on this car. Not stock by any means but not ruined. A solid car. Roadster style: No convertible top or frame. Hand wiper (no motor). No generator. No doors. Plexiglass windshield. Comes with Shop Notes, Vanguard manuals, 2 carrier pans, 2 original headlights, extra bumper brackets, a box of assorted new, extra or original parts, and extra drive belts. Also included is a 6 x 10 single axle trailer with new tires, winch and side boards. $5995 including trailer and all spares. Will consider all serious offers. Many photos available along with a detailed description of the car and its restoration. Located in Lone Pine, CA 93545. Call Gary at 310-741-1341 or email me at
No Image Two Wisconsin engines. One a 7 hp that was rebuilt by the previous owner. The second is a 9 hp that was removed from a running King Midget. Some extra parts included. $200. Located in Ohio. Call Rich at 440-285-9475

No Image

Model 1 and '58 Model 3. 22 HP Preditor engine. In nice condition. $7500 for the pair! Model 1 is an original kit car. Has split rims and original tires, although one is shot. Body is extreamly rare aluminum also original to the car. It has a very interesting and functional 2 speed transmission and vintage period correct Lawson engine. Mechanics are excellent but will need new rubber to drive. Model III has a new John White ll body and pretty much new everything else. Driven less than 50 miles. Will not separate the two. Please contact Dave in the Wisconsin area at 920-360-9546 or email me at
A 1955 King MIdget Model II with a Wisconsin engine in fair condition. Have the top frame, but canvas is dry rotted. Does need some work, but it is in running condition.$3,400. OBO  Please contact Jerry in the IN area at812-482-5889 or email me at
A King MIdget Model III with a 1600 engine in good condition. $8,600. Please call after 5:00 PM.  Contact Ronald in the PA area at 570-888-6595 or email me at
King Midget Model III Replica. VW 1600 Engine in Like New Condition. This is a replica of a model III. Everything is new. Can drive it anywhere. It is safe and comfortable. Contact Paul, in the PA area at 724-845-2699. Or email him at
King MidgetModel 1 Fiberglass Reproduction Grilles. Cast from an original authentic 1946 Model 1 reconditioned aluminum grille. $150.00 plus $10.00 shipping, insurance additional if requested. Contact Gary at or 352-561-0640, please leave message.
No Image 1967 King Midget Model III. Kohler Engine in Very Clean Condition.It has been in storage for 12 years,  All stock, very clean nice car.  I paid $7,000 for it.  Will sell for $5,000, very firm on price.  New top,side curtains, tires, rug, new generator.  Very clean. Contact Don, in the Seattle, Washington area at 425-248-3201. Or email him at
No Image King Midget Model II with a Wisconsin engine in good condition. Titled as a 1999 Kit Car. This car is running. The top frame is there. The top is made but not that good. Added tailights but I have the priginal brake light. Contact Paul in the VA area at 540-877-5889. Or email him at

King Midget Model III with a 1600cc 4 cylinder engine in like new condition. This is a replica of a King Midget built on a 1965 VW chassis. It has a 1600cc vw engine with a 4 speed trans. It runs and drives great. Can easily keep up with traffic. One of a kind and a real attention getter. Contact Paul in the Western PA area at 724-845-2699. Or email him at


 LOOKING TO BUY -  Forward / reverse transmission from KM Model III . Condition does not matter ( working or not ) . Please contact Don   at or call 586-242-0691.