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Note: The following vendors are independent contractors. These postings are provided as a service to our members but the Club does not warrant or vouch for their service. Additions to or removals from this list are made with prudence. No one pays to be on the list. Based on experience the Club believes these suppliers to be trustworthy, but beware of anyone claiming King Midget expertise who cannot provide good references, satisfactory service and parts. It is wise to contact other Club members you know or those in your area for referrals before investing significant sums in parts, service or restoration. This is particularly true if placing a large order and asked to pay in advance. You may, of course, find excellent sources of parts and service for your King Midget within your community, among your friends and through other members of the Club.

Please understand that King Midgets are unique automobiles requiring special parts and service. Fortunately, virtually every part needed to service, restore or rebuild any King Midget is availableóbut not quickly. Many parts must be fabricated to order and that takes time. Further, most of these suppliers operate part-time and all of them tend to be busy and may be hard to reach. Be patient in your expectations of service, parts or contact.

Midget Motors

GL&P Restoration
Paul Gerhardt

All types of mechanical work. Vanguards Installed, Restoration Work.

Fiberglass Reproduction Grilles 
For the King Midget Model 1 and Model II 

Model 1 Plans
A set of 30 11 X 17 scaled drawings documenting the design and details of the original King Midget Model 1 is available for $40 plus $7 postage: Now you can buy using Pay Pal or a credit card. Click on this link; 

Direct Parts
Master Cylinders, and Wheel Cylinders


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